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We are a small company in Lubbock, Texas.  We started small with big dreams of serving our customers with Web Design and Web Hosting needs.  Our objective is to serve you the best way we know how.  

Comments are always welcome,  whether you just have a comment or you have a problem of any kind.   You can email the Chief Executive Officer of Of America Networks, Inc. to see fast results.

We hope we can help you get your business on the Internet.  A web site can put your business out to the public and the web site works 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

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   About the Internet

Data from 1998 stated that in 1998 the total Internet trading reached $8 billion dollars, which was a 1,000 percent increase from 1996.  You can reach potential customers that you would not have ever reached before.  Also, on-line orders are expected to grow from $130 million dollars in 1997 to over $999 million dollars by the year 2005.  Online advertising is expected to grow from $55 million to over $20 billion by the year 2005. By the year 2005 there will about 1 billion users of the Internet. The U.S. continues to lead with over 185 Million Internet users forecasted for year-end 2004. As you can see, a web site is going to be an essential part of your advertising dollar.

Data from 2007 states that while spending on online advertising is growing, it still accounts for only a small percentage of advertisers' overall budget. Advertisers currently spend 7.5% of their budget online, even though the Internet accounts for 20% of overall media consumption in the United States.  The online advertising market for 2007 reached $25.15 billion. The online advertising market is expected to reach $50.3 billion in revenue by 2011. 

The United States/Canada leads the world with over 237 Million Internet Users for 2007.  The United States/Canada has an estimated population of 334 million people with and estimated 237 million people in the United States and Canada using the Internet.  This is about 70% of the North American population use the Internet. This information can be viewed/reviewed at http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats2.htm.

As you can see we are dedicated to helping you get your site on the web and make effective use of your advertising money.